Making Democracy Work

Fire District Elections

Boards of Fire Commissioners Elections

You can vote by absentee ballot for one of the following four reasons:
  • You are a patient in hospital, or will be confined at home and unable to appear because of illness or disability
  • You will be absent from the county because of duties, studies, occupation or business
  • You will be on vacation outside of the county
  • You will be confined waiting action by a grand jury or confined pending trial in a criminal proceeding or confined for conviction of a crime or offense other than a felony Links to Absentee Ballot Applications for the two Districts are available below:
    New Castle Fire District No. 1 Absentee Ballot Application
    Millwood Fire District Absentee Ballot Application
To determine which District you are in, check your tax bill, call the New Castle tax office at 914-238-4773 or go to and do the following:
1. Click on "Receiver of Taxes" under "Departments"
2. Click on "Public Tax Status Lookup!" in the right hand column
3. Click "I Accept"
4. Enter your name or address
5. Click the button "Bill Detail" on the "2017 Town" line and your Fire District will be listed. _____________________________________________________________________